Transform your public comment management with SmartComment's powerful tools.
Comment Form

Easy Comment Entry

Besides allowing you to receive electronic comments, SmartComment accepts all traditional comment forms, including emails, letters, public hearing transcripts, hand-written comment cards, and even social media comments. If you are using, our software can consume any comment related to your project so all comments are together in a secure database, assuring that no comment is missed.

Pie Charts / Bar Charts

Comment Dashboard

SmartComment visually displays analysis of your comment period in real time with colorful, easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Allowing all relevant parties access to the same up-to-the-second information, SmartComment eliminates the need for pulling together time-consuming project updates and assures your entire project team is working with only the most current information.

Google Map with pins

Interactive Maps

With SmartComment, public comments are plotted on Google Maps and can be displayed by topic, allowing you to identify specific concerns in a given area and effectively plan additional outreach. To see comments in relation to the project footprint, you can upload a KMZ file on top of Google Maps to get a better understanding of the project area.


Digital Bracketing

With our unique SmartBracket™ tool, users can digitally bracket individual comments within a submission and assign a topic to each. The comment will remain tied to the original submission but treated as a separate entity within the software, allowing the project team to efficiently draft responses to it and output it into the final document.

User Administration

Response Staff Management

Allowing an unlimited number of users, SmartComment allows project administrators to assign specific roles or topics to individual members of their project team, creating a specialized work silo for each. Multiple levels of responders and QA/QC approvers can be designated via tabs or other methods that represent various layers of the review process. Through specially designated user rights, access to various comment periods within your agency or consultancy can be partitioned by department, project, or any other designation.

A list of comments

Efficient Comment Management

Within our comment manager, users can view individual comments by topic, monitor their closed/open status, search comments by keyword, assign a pre-approved response to a comment, or forward a comment to a project specialist for a more refined response.