Green Schools Alliance to Use SmartComment for Member Outreach

Washington DC-Based Group Seeks Feedback from Schools on Proposed Sustainability Metrics

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NOVEMBER 2, 2016

LOS ANGELES - Green Schools Alliance, an international organization that promotes sustainability in K-12 schools, will use SmartComment Software to gather and analyze feedback on a set of metrics designed to track and report on the sustainability of its almost 8,000 member schools.

Dr. Sharon Jaye, Executive Director of the Green Schools Alliance, said she turned to SmartComment because she wants to gather as much input as possible on the proposed metrics without compromising the group's ability to process and respond to the information.

"Because of the size of our organization, and the need to share these metrics with other non-profits and federal and state agencies, I needed a system that would allow for many responses without creating a large amount of work for my staff," Jaye said. "SmartComment is allowing us to cast a wider net and providing a way to categorize and easily understand the information."

To facilitate the organization's needs, SmartComment will allow member schools to provide input on specific parts of the multi-paged proposal. Those comments can then be tied to the specified sections of the document, allowing leaders from Green Schools Alliance to use SmartComment's back-end reporting to see which parts of the plan generated the most interest and to efficiently discern key issues.

"We whole-heartedly support the efforts of the Green Schools Alliance, and are proud to provide a conduit for the impressive collaboration they've built with environmentally aware schools around the world," said SmartComment co-founder Tim Mullen. "Agencies and organizations are increasingly seeing the benefits of having an open, organized line of communication with their stakeholders about the critical projects that affect us all, and we are excited to be on the forefront of promoting that dialogue."

About Green Schools Alliance
An international organization of sustainable schools created in 2007 by schools for schools, the Alliance has grown to more than 7,900 public and private schools in 41 U.S. states and 56 countries impacting over 5 million students. The Alliance redefines how schools approach sustainability education and action by creating and offering tools and programs to make it easier for schools to do more.

About SmartComment
Los Angeles-based SmartComment provides a powerful online platform that allows agencies and organizations to efficiently manage multiple public comment periods, as well as analyze and maintain the components of each one. Besides providing a website set up specifically for each project, SmartComment's powerful suite of tools allows clients to organize comments by topic, location, and other criteria, and to efficiently respond to them. SmartComment has brought increased accessibility and transparency to a number of high-profile projects, including the Nanushuk oil discovery in Alaska, the proposed Lucky Minerals mine in Montana, San Francisco's proposed rezoning of its historic Central SoMa neighborhood, and the proposed $5.4 billion extension of the 710 Freeway in Los Angeles.

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