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Five Little-Known Facts About the National Environmental Policy Act

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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is the granddaddy of America's environmental policy. Signed into law in 1970, it took on and tamed a 'build first' culture where huge federal projects were developed with little coordination or public involvement, and with few considerations aside from the resulting economic benefit.

Like many grandpas cut from the cloth of the Vietnam Era, NEPA is still jutting out its cast-iron chin today. It's far from perfect, but it has good intentions and carries a simple demand that you know how to handle yourself when you cross paths with it. If you're a lawyer, consultant or government specialist who deals with NEPA on a regular basis, you may think you know every wrinkle in its craggy face and starched-white legal precedent in its closet. But NEPA's got a few surprises hidden under the surface. So please join us as SmartComment cracks open the old man's attic trunk and shares some surprises about this enigmatic figure, who almost single-handedly transformed our country's environmental culture -- and is pretty much the reason we were able to start a company that makes public comment software in the first place.

Posted on December 31, 2015
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